Fee Schedule

Checking Account Fee Schedule
Stop Payment Fee $15.00
ACH Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Check Copy or Check Lookup $2.00
Paid/Returned Overdraft $30.00
Paid/Returned ACH Item $30.00
Paid/Returned Electronic Check $30.00
Returned Items - Charge Back $10.00
Dividend Checking Minimum Balance Required $4.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $20.00
Overdraft Protection (from Share Account) Free
Check Cashing Fee $1.00 per $100
Copy of Account Statement $2.00
Account Printouts (per page) $1.00
Foreign Item Collection Fee $10.00
Share Accounts
Closing Account Fee (Fee for account closed within 6 months of opening) $15.00
ATM & VISA Debit Card
Replacement ATM/Debit Card $7.50
Replacement PIN Number $3.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawals (Five free per month) $1.00
ATM Denials (Two free per month) $1.00
Unlimited withdrawals at our on-site machines Free
Federal Reserve System Outgoing Wires $15.00
Incoming Wires $6.00
Temporary Checks per sheet $2.00
Cashier's Check $3.00
CU Travel Money Card (per card) $5.00
Reload CU Travel Card (max. three times) $3.00
VISA Gift Cards $4.00
Returned Loan Payment $10.00
Pay by Phone by Debit Card $10.00
Return Statement $5.00
NFA - Non Forward Address (eff. 4/1/2012) $7.50