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At White Eagle Credit Union, we strive to deliver the most up-to-date services available with the latest in technology and products to help you stay financially healthy.  Through our Online Services and mobile app you have the power to manage your accounts remotely on your computer, phone or tablet — 24 hours a day. Explore the power our Online Services can deliver, and harness the power of anytime access from wherever you are.


Pay bills online for ultimate convenience.

With our WEPay online bill pay system, you’ll have access to all-new tools and features that will make paying bills online even easier, including:

  • Quick-Add — With WEPay, you can add payees simply by typing the name of the company. If a match is found in the database, the vendor's information will be added automatically. No more hunting down mailing addresses — simply enter your account number and pay!
  • Reminders — Never make a late payment again. When you set up reminders, you'll receive a message telling you when your payment is due.
  • Account Access -  Choose your checking account to pay your bills from.

  • Recurring Payments — Eliminate the hassle of paying monthly bills by setting up recurring payments. This is a great option for payments that don't change from month to month – such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • Payments At-A-Glance — Our Payment Center lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments, and bill reminders all on the same handy screen.
  • POPmoney — Send money securely from your bank account to anyone with an email or mobile phone.
Get Started Today!

Simply login to your account on our Virtual Branch, and you will see the WEPay tab, which will give you instant access to all of the new and exciting features that WEPay has to offer. Just follow all of the prompts to sign up.

Our Member Service Representatives are also available to help walk you through the process.



Personal financial management made easy.

WEBudget provides all the tools you need to take control of your finances. With easy-to-use tools and resources, you’ll get a more in-depth view of your assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets, so you can make sound financial decisions, track your progress and better plan for the future.

With our FREE WEBudget tool, you can:

  • Set Spending Targets – Track your spending in a variety of categories, such as groceries, dining out, transportation and clothing, and create spending targets and automatic alerts that will notify you when you are approaching your target. A great way to stay on budget and make sure you’re saving enough for the future.
  • Track Bills & Cashflow – WEBudget’s Cashflow Calendar lets you monitor how your regular bills impact how much money you have available, and helps you learn how to better balance your income and expenses to avoid running short at the end of the month.
  • Set Up Alerts – Stay informed — even when you’re away from your computer — through text or email notices regarding your bills, spending and balances.
  • Add Accounts – View all of your accounts in one place with a financial “dashboard”that saves time and reduces stress. Add multiple accounts and credit cards — including accounts from other financial providers — to track balances, monitor spending and get a more complete view of your finances.
  • Track Your Net Worth – WEBudget’s net worth tool takes any accounts you connect and additional information you supply to provide an up-to-date total of the difference between your assets (savings, investments and property) and debts.
  • Quickly Access Expenses – WEBudget’s expense widget displays the last 30 days of spending by category direct from your dashboard for quick insights into your spending.
  • Set and Track Goals – Whether you’re paying down a credit card or other loan, saving for a new home or car, or planning a wedding or new addition to the family, WEBudget can keep you informed of your progress — one goal at a time.

Mobile Deposit

Just sign, snap and send.

Make deposits with your smartphone conveniently and securely with Mobile Deposit from White Eagle. Just install our Mobile App, and you’ll have FREE access to this easy-to-use tool that will save valuable time every time you use it! With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit checks anytime.*

To get started, simply:

  • Install our Mobile App on your smartphone
  • Endorse your check with the words “For WECU Mobile Deposit Only” and your signature
  • Take a photo of the front and back of your check
  • Send using the Deposits tab in our Mobile App
Download The White Eagle Mobile App For Phones:


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Download The White Eagle Mobile App For Tablets:


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Simply download and install the White Eagle Credit Union Mobile App.

* Mobile deposits limited to $5,000. Checks submitted before 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays) should be deposited that day. After 2 p.m., checks will be deposited on the next business day.

Please retain the check for your records. Do not deposit your check elsewhere. Some restrictions apply. Subject to verification and approval. White Eagle Credit Union reserves the right to decline checks that do not meet requirements. Plese endorse your check with the words "For WECU Mobile Deposit Only" and signature.


Access. Control. Anytime. Anywhere.

CardValet® is ideal for cardholders who want to protect and manage their debit cards through their mobile devices. 

Play it Safe

Payment cards offer both convenience and risk. You can make purchases easily, but if your White Eagle Visa Debit card falls into the wrong hands, your personal accounts are vulnerable. Safeguard your information with CardValet, the mobile app that lets you protect your card against fraud and theft by receiving real-time alerts to ensure your cards are used only by you.

Budget Conscious

Overspending is easy. Now, sticking to your budget can be too. Take control of your finances by setting spending thresholds, specifying merchant types and turning your card on and off. Want to spend $100 at the grocery store? Limit your spending at the shoe store? CardValet empowers you to control your debit card spending in real-time.

Parental Controls

Whether they're at the local mall or away at college, your kids want to spend money. You're not their personal ATM, but you do need a way to support their needs, while managing their spending. Enter CardValet. With convenient features like threshold limits, merchant categories and location and on/off controls, you decide where, when and how your children use their White Eagle Visa Debit card.

Company Policy

You have to spend money to make money; that's why you empower employees to use corporate card accounts. Maintain control of their business spending with CardValet. You select merchant codes, set spending thresholds, choose location parameters and more to help ensure purchases are in line with your company policies. You can even turn your employees' cards on and off in real time.


To start using CardValet®, simply download the app, or ask a member representative to help you. 



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CardValet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.



Enjoy the security and convenience of going paperless.

With White Eagle E-Statements, you’ll have secure, convenient access to your statements whenever you need them, plus you’ll avoid the time-consuming hassle of maintaining and storing paper records. Your statements will look just like they would if you received them by mail, and you’ll receive them via email on the first day of each month.

  • E-Statements are presented in PDF format, so they’ll be easy to read on any device.
  • You’ll have access to previous statements via our Virtual Branch for easy reference.
  • Best of all, since they’re paperless, signing up for E-Statements is an environmentally responsible choice.

Login to the Virtual Branch to sign up for E-Statements today!


White Eagle Mobile App

Download for instant access to your accounts.

With our Mobile App, you’ll have access to your accounts and all of our online services via smartphone at the touch of a button. Check your account balance, transfer funds, pay bills and more — from anywhere you are, nationwide. Content is designed to optimize use on a smartphone, making any transaction fast and simple. And getting started is as simple as visiting your app store.

Download The White Eagle Mobile App For Phones:


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Download The White Eagle Mobile App For Tablets:


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