Other Services

Even more powerful tools from White Eagle.

At White Eagle Credit Union we offer many services that can make life more convenient, flexible and more manageable. A few of the additional services and Member Benefits at White Eagle are:

  • Redeem U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Purchase VISA® CU Travel Money Cards
  • Use our Night Depository
  • Enjoy free Notary Public services

Some of our other services also include:

Direct Deposit
Deposit your paycheck directly into your White Eagle account automatically with Direct Deposit, and you’ll never have to wait in line to make your payday deposit ever again, saving you time and giving you quicker access to your funds. Income received from your employer, Social Security, pension and retirement plans, the Armed Forces and VA Benefits, as well as annuity or dividend payments, may all qualify for Direct Deposit. So why not streamline the process and simplify your life?

Safe Deposit Boxes
Ensure your documents and valuables are well-protected with a secure Safe Deposit Box at White Eagle Credit Union. Available at all three of our locations, our Safe Deposit Boxes are available in four sizes to meet your needs:

Box Size Cost
3 x 5 (El Dorado only) $20 per year
3 x 10 $25 per year
5 x 10 $35 per year
10 x 10 $55 per year


Member Discounts
Silver Dollar City® Tickets - Have some fun with discounted tickets to Silver Dollar City. You may purchase discounted Silver Dollar City tickets online with a Promo Code. (This will be updated with the 2017 Promo code once we receive it)

Warren Theatre® Tickets - Purchase Warren Theatre movie tickets for $7 each at any White Eagle branch. 

And don’t forget to purchase CU Travel Money Cards for your traveling needs.